Entry #1

Featured Artist

2009-06-10 20:36:01 by Boux

That pretty cool, im featured artist as for June 10th 2009


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2009-06-10 20:40:14

I'm stoked to see you are the featured artist. You deserve it.

(Updated ) Boux responds:

didnt expect to be at all, thanks.


2009-06-11 20:18:27

haha, Congrats man!

You definitely deserve it.

I feel kinda cool having my first friend on NG be the featured artist. ehem haha

Congrats =]

Boux responds:

:D thanks


2009-06-13 00:23:06

Great job man, congrats! Ambient music is where it's at (especially Canadian brand hehe).
Well deserved!

(Updated ) Boux responds:

Allright ! thanks alot from a Québécois


2009-06-13 15:42:33

I wish for a day when I become featured...
But I guess having one song for all-time top scoring for about 2 weeks is good enough.


Boux responds:

i gotta have a listen at that song then


2009-06-13 19:05:16

hey! =D just so you know... that comment "dont dominate" was jokingly implying that if you get as good on the piano as you are on the guitar then you will be better than me at everything! lol. it was a joke is all. =D peace. :D:D:D

Boux responds:

Haha! ok pardon my québécois that dont always get the english expressions right away :D but im sure they are still other things you're better than me. But when i do get my piano i'll try for sure to surpass your talent... haha! no but im gonna practice it same way i do for the guitar so well see what gives


2009-06-14 14:51:49

Finally, a featured artist that actually deserves it! You are my hero now... :)

Boux responds:

haha! if you say so. thanks!


2009-06-14 15:29:51

Featured Artist - sounds way too good for me ^^, by the way - Keep on rockin'

Boux responds:

cool, thanks!


2009-06-14 17:09:18

nice man :D!


2009-06-15 16:10:26

You are featured because u deserve it and your music rulez :D

Boux responds:

hey thanks man, been a while i noticed you started to favorite some of my tunes, thanks.


2009-06-17 02:12:02

Haha nice!