2012 Submissions

Screwdriver + Guitar Miscellaneous Song
Deaf Ambient Song
Where nothing exists Classical Song
When nothing exists Classical Song
Dream Guitar Ambient Song
Snow Falls and... You Smile Indie Song
Just Breathe - Sam Boux Indie Song
Art of Self Reflection-S. Boux Indie Song
twawawawawang Miscellaneous Song
burning solo Ambient Song
Fear of Change Indie Song
Breaking Space Ambient Song
very serious song Miscellaneous Song
A Thousand Miles- Sam Boux Indie Song
I Came Buckets. General Rock Song
Wandering in the Woods Indie Song
Piano Sample Sam Boux Indie Song
Following your Daydreams Indie Song
The Day the Ocean Froze Indie Song
Morrowind_ Ambient Song
Hope_ Indie Song
Neverending Red Dawn Indie Song
Just Getting By_ Indie Song
Sound of Winds Ambient Song
.Blank. Ambient Song
A Tune for Peace Indie Song
Orange sky (cover) Indie Song
Long Distance Friend Indie Song
Falling Rain Indie Song
Minute Solo General Rock Song
Autumn Everlasting_ Indie Song
Waiting.... Indie Song
Third eye View_ Ambient Song
Sleep _ Ambient Song
Acoustic Jam_ Indie Song
Song of Time_ Ambient Song
Night Sky Alongside the Fire Indie Song
Song for an Ocarina Ambient Song
Song of Storms_ Ambient Song
Once Upon a Time, Buckethead_ Ambient Song
Bleeding Heart & Orange Skies Indie Song
Wings on Fire Heavy Metal Song
Roads to Elation Indie Song
Dominate The Battlefield Heavy Metal Song
Rotten Kiwi General Rock Song
Voluntary Simplicity_ Indie Song
most retard solo Funk Song
ThinkWithoutImposedRestraints Indie Song
Sorrowful Harmony Indie Song
Solitude of Awaken Minds Indie Song
Thinking of Silence Bluegrass Song
New Psychology_ Ambient Song
Deserted Emotion Indie Song
Wake Up_ Indie Song
Cthulhu Mythos Classical Song
Seeds of Svalbard_ Ambient Song
Sound of a Takamine_ Classical Song
Classical Jammin_ Classical Song
Agartha_ Classical Song
Storm Before Peace_ Ambient Song
Far Away in Lemuria_ World Song
The Legend of Tarrega Classical Song
Winds of Lemuria_ Ambient Song
The Night is Young (cover)_ Ambient Song
Night of A Thousand Dreams_ Ambient Song
Between Consciousness_ Ambient Song
Annunaki Prophecies_ Ambient Song
New World Magnets_ Ambient Song
Puking Frogs All Over Blues Song
Inside Mount Olympus Ambient Song
Memory of Past Reincarnations_ Ambient Song
Harmony 11:11_ Ambient Song
Stairway to Heaven (cover)_ Classic Rock Song
Hoax of Peace ( World at War)_ Ambient Song
Blue Beam in the Sky_ Ambient Song
Jupiter Ignite_ Ambient Song
Planetary Scale REvolution_ Ambient Song
Lost in Stonehenge_ Ambient Song
Polar Shift_ Ambient Song
Beginning of Eternal Cold_ Ambient Song
The Emerald Tablets_ World Song
Paleolithic Waveform_ Ambient Song
Freefall to Europa Ambient Song
Unstable Gravity Ambient Song
Outworldly Rain Ambient Song
Simple Song of Freedom Indie Song
Gaelic Leylines Crop Circles Ambient Song
Old Mountain Lake Ambient Song
New Psychology Ambient Song
Untitled11 Miscellaneous Loop
Fourth World of the Hopis Miscellaneous Song
Ancient World of Proserpine Ambient Song
A Song of Melancholy Ambient Song
Lemurian Luthier Miscellaneous Song
A Journey to Mars Miscellaneous Song
Collapse of the Pyramid Miscellaneous Song
Synchronicity Blues Miscellaneous Song
Fascism Fall Miscellaneous Song
A Blue Moon Miscellaneous Song
Before Sundown in Costa Rica Ambient Song
Lucid Dreaming to Orion Miscellaneous Song
End of the War Ambient Song
Mayan Code Miscellaneous Song
The Paradigm Shift Miscellaneous Song
Origins of Sumeria Miscellaneous Song
Forbidden Frequency Ambient Song
Tribes of Ancient Gaul Miscellaneous Song
Sasquatch on the Haarp Guitar Ambient Song
Archetypes Miscellaneous Song
Behold the Pale Horse Miscellaneous Song
Children of Mu (re-recorded) Miscellaneous Song
Spiritual Crown Miscellaneous Song
Rockin 2 General Rock Song
Order Without Liberty (O.W.L) Miscellaneous Song
Bellow the Ice of Antartiqua Miscellaneous Song
Playa Del Muerto Miscellaneous Song
Second Light in The Sky Miscellaneous Song
Time Loop Jazz Miscellaneous Song
stairway to the 4th dimension Ambient Song
Far Away In Lemuria Ambient Song
random composition #1 Blues Song
Rockin'ze General Rock Song
Ambient guitar'ze Ambient Song
Instant record Classic Rock Song